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Knowledge and competence management

A competency model and classification done by combining automation and specialist know-how provides the customer with useful data for planning and monitoring future talent needs.


  • As part of our recruitment process, we produce a competency model and classification based on the knowledge, skills, abilities and qualifications needed to succeed in the given position. It means that we describe the customer’s competence requirements and the right candidate’s characteristics.
  • To match the customer’s needs with the candidate’s characteristics, we use automation and specialist know-how.
  • The service can also be directed at jobseekers, in which case we model the jobseeker’s own requirements that guide him/her onwards on the career path.
  • Modelling skills, competencies and qualifications always involves reporting and management: the customer receives a summary that can be used to compare and monitor requirements, for example, at specific intervals.


  • The service can be tailored to the needs of both companies and individual customers.