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Manage part-time employees work offering


  • Collective agreements often require that additional work is offered first to the company’s own part-time employees before new staff can be hired or agency workers used.
  • This can be very time consuming if done by telephone or text message. It’s also difficult to report and verify afterwards.
  • StaffPoint’s myStaff system makes it easy to offer extra shifts to own staff before using agency workers.
  • The system is available 24/7, with the service centre offering personal service seven days a week.
  • All employees receive the call-in at the same time, which gives everyone a fair and equal opportunity to get extra shifts.
  • The exact time of the call-in is recorded in each employee’s log file.
  • Call-ins with detailed information can be reported per employee and per shift.
  • myStaff is a browser-based system and doesn’t require installations or software investments.


  • Fast and accessible solution to take care of the obligation to offer additional work first to own employees.