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Outplacement and career transition

Services are of high quality and yield good results.


  • Career transition support refers to services offered to employees who have been made redundant or who are threatened with redundancy for financial or production-related reasons. It helps them find new jobs.
  • The service must be arranged in such a way that its monetary value is equivalent to the typical average monthly pay of the person being made redundant. The service must be provided within two months of the expiry of the notice period.
  • Our outplacement service includes:
  • Call to the recipient
  • Preliminary survey
  • Personal guidance or group guidance or a combination
  • Competence mapping
  • Processing the change and identifying skills and knowledge
  • Regional and sector-specific job market situation
  • Top recruitment sectors and job titles
  • Top recruitment industries and companies
  • Hidden jobs


  • Spring House’s outplacement services are of high quality and yield good results.
  • They are based on our strong experience.
  • Spring House helps find good employment opportunities.