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In-house services

The in-house service is always tailored to exact needs.


  • The customer may also consult our experienced HR experts using the in-house model. The in-house expert’s services are integrated into the recruitment and other HR services provided to the customer in a flexible manner. They are always based on exact needs.
  • The in-house service includes the following stages:
  1. Detailed task description and competence specification.
  2. The in-house consultant offered by StaffPoint is presented to the customer for approval.
  3. The work is done using the customer’s systems and often at the customer’s premises as part of the customer’s team.
  4. The in-house consultant can be hired for an ongoing need, for part of the part of the year or for a few days a week, invoiced monthly.
  5. The service is scalable and service options can be added later on.


  • The in-house service is always tailored to exact needs.
  • The hr expert knows the customer and the industry and works in a business-oriented fashion.