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Personal assessments

Our strong industry-specific expertise brings more power and better quality to the analysis of the process and results of personal assessment.


  • StaffPoint’s personal assessment services answer the customer’s concrete need to choose the most suitable candidate. The assessments are always tailored to customer needs.
  • We combine the best methods with a high-quality job interview:
  • Our consultants work in an industry-oriented fashion. They are well acquainted with the company’s operating environment and focus on the essential during the interview.
  • The results of the assessments are compared to the competencies specified in advance with the customer:
  • This means that our personal assessments are practical, job-specific and provide reliable information on which to base recruitment decisions.
  • We also pay attention to employer image and follow the provisions of the Personal Data Act.
  • Our personal assessment consultants are certified users of our personal assessment methods. Our principal methodology is CUT-e.
  • Stages of the assessment: 1)Defining competence,
    2)Personal assessment, 3)Reporting


  • Personal assessment helps choose the best candidate.