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Professionals – recruitment

A baseline analysis done right from the outset guarantees finding the best candidates through the right channels.


  • White collar and professional recruitment is always done with ambition and without compromising quality. In demanding professional recruitment, each stage of our high-quality process plays a critical role in achieving the best possible end result: finding Just the Right Candidate.
  • Recruitment is mainly carried out by using job advertisements or hybrid searches. Hybrid searches combine job ads and headhunting. To reach the right audience, we can also turn to traditional headhunting.
  • We make a thorough baseline analysis to identify the right target group and to select the right channels. Candidates found through the different channels are screened, contacted and interviewed. The best and most suitable candidates are presented to the customer.
  • When necessary, we include personal assessment as part of the process.
  • The service can be tailored to expert, professional and different types of management recruitment.


  • Personal assessment guarantees the best match for the position.
  • Open and close interaction with the customer and the candidates ensures that the right decision is made.