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Employee pools and workforce management

The employee pool provides the customer with fast access to the best talent to meet changing needs.


  • The employee pool is built of a mutually agreed number of employees with the right profile, recruited by StaffPoint, who meet the customer’s part-time or occasional needs.
  • StaffPoint and an employee belonging to the pool enter into a permanent or temporary employment contract.
  • StaffPoint is responsible for employer obligations: pension contributions, occupational health care, insurances, sick and parental leave pay, etc.
  • The employee pool workers are called to cover open shifts either by the customer or StaffPoint as agreed (myStaff, service centre).
  • StaffPoint monitors (and reports to the customer) the situation of covered and uncovered shifts and, when necessary, recruits more workers to the pool based on the customer’s sales forecast. StaffPoint and the customer review the need for additional recruitment by regular intervals.
  • StaffPoint provides the customer with a continuous recruitment support for the pool.
  • StaffPoint notifies the customer well in advance of changes to the pool that may affect the resource situation. This way any necessary actions and possible additional recruitments can be taken care of on time.

__Benefits: __

  • StaffPoint is responsible for keeping the pool data up-to-date and to a high standard