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Interim management

Exact, fast and cost-effective solution for critical periods of transformation.


  • Interim management is a good option for overseeing a company’s critical periods of transformation. By recruiting an interim manager instead of a permanent one, the transformation can be managed in a controlled and cost-effective manner. The solution is growing in popularity both in Finland and abroad.
  • StaffPoint’s interim management service takes into account the special characteristics of the Finnish business environment and market, but uses a high-quality process and methods that work in a global context.
  • Interim management is a good option, for example, in the following situations:
  • State of transformation: As an outsider, an interim manager has an objective point of view, which may be of help in difficult situations.
  • Sudden personnel changes: Sometimes recruiting a new manager may take too long. An interim manager can start without delay and stay until a permanent solution arises.
  • Strong growth: A company hires an experienced professional to boost growth. The interim manager may be a person with experience from a critical field, for example, during a period of strong growth.
  • Acquisitions: In acquisitions, the merging company is often expected to rapidly improve its results. Interim management provides an opportunity to hire an experienced manager with exactly the right background to accomplish this goal.


  • StaffPoint is a guaranteed choice to deliver the service as we bring to the process our strong experience of both staffing and executive recruitment.