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Payroll outsourcing

It is possible to outsource time-consuming administrative work and work that requires payroll expertise.


  • The customer outsources to StaffPoint the payroll administration and employer obligations of a person working for the company.
  • The difference to staffing service is that in the payroll service the employee is appointed by the customer, not recruited by StaffPoint.
  • The payroll service is a good solution, for example, in the following situations:
  • The customer wants to hire a specific talent but doesn’t want to include the associated expenses to the company’s fixed costs and therefore outsources employer obligations and payroll administration to StaffPoint.
  • A foreign company with no operations in Finland sends a person/team to Finland to work in a client project and needs a Finnish employer to take care of the person’s/team’s salaries, payroll administration and employer obligations.
  • A start-up company wants to direct its own resources to productive work instead of administration.


  • Transferring employer obligations and employee risks.
  • Turning project workers into variable costs.