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For us, company values are much more than just noble aspirations. We reinforce and live our values every day.

Flexibility, customer orientation, reliability and competence are our four cornerstones in developing and leading skills and competencies at the workplace. How can they be seen in the way we serve our customers and each other?


  • We are able to adapt to changes in our operating environment and stakeholders while at the same time ensuring that both we and our clients remain competitive.
  • We can support our colleagues across industry and job description boundaries.
  • We combine agency work with permanent contracts in a way that is profitable and fits the needs and lives of our employees.
  • We can tailor our training to the needs of our clients.
  • Our clients use our software as a tailored part of the service.

Customer orientation

  • We strive to have a profound understanding of the challenges our clients face.
  • We invest in solving these challenges and propose solutions proactively.
  • We verify the value of our solution and price it accordingly.
  • We are the preferred partner! When the client prospers, we prosper!


  • We act responsibly and take care of our obligations to our clients, employees and other stakeholders.
  • Reliability and responsibility are an integral part of leadership and our daily work.
  • We keep our promises, even the small ones.


  • We are constantly transforming.
  • We recognise opportunities and turn ideas into solutions.
  • We constantly develop our skills and competencies and share what we learn.
  • We set clear goals, measure our success and learn from our failures.
  • We do our jobs in a professional manner, have a healthy sense of pride in our expertise and share our success stories.