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The StaffPoint Group

The StaffPoint Group is one of the largest employers in Finland and also one of the country's largest personnel service firms. Its majority owners are the private equity firm Sponsor Capital and the pension insurance company Varma. StaffPoint's turnover in 2017 was €126 million and it had operations in 14 locations around Finland. It also operates in Spain, Estonia and Lithuania.

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Delivery reliability

Our delivery realiability (staffing) in year 2017 was 96 % per average (source: myStaff).

The most challenging industries to find professionals were in HoReCa, ICT and Manufacturing industries. The best availability for seasoned candidates were in Office (Marketing and Sales professionals).

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    Open posititions available

    Our customers need constantly workers for different industries. We have hundreds of open vacancies at a time. The amount of different titles at operational and professional levels is 200+.

    In year 2017 we had 3 757 open vacancies total.

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      Highest amount of workers offered to one customer

      We serve big global and local companies as well as smaller ones. The highest amount of workers offered to one customer only in year 2017 was 1 403.


        Immigrants employed

        In year 2017 we found jobs for 770 immigrants in different locations around Finland.

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          Different locations where provided labour

          In Finland we found jobs for jobseekers at 203 different locations in year 2017. The norhernmost location was in Utsjoki, Lappland, and southernmost in Hanko.

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            CVs processed

            We handle tens of thousands of job applications and CVs per year, digitally and manually.In year 2017 the amount of handled CVs was 57 814.