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Executives recruitment

Our Executive Search reaches people who could not be found by other means (so-called hidden talent).


  • In headhunting, our aim is to contact the best candidates for the open position. Typically, these persons are working in a similar position for a competitor or in a position/company with similar requirements.
  • The customer is always informed that the persons contacted during the headhunting process may refuse to continue the discussion. In such case, it may sometimes be necessary to identify additional candidates. This often creates a need to change, for example, the salary level and requirements set for the candidate. It is therefore important to pay particular attention to the beginning of the recruitment process and to the requirements set for the candidates.
  • In headhunting, the candidates are sourced from public records, internal databases, our own network, etc.
  • Headhunting can be boosted by combining it with a public recruitment campaign methods (web, social media, print). This so-called hybrid search has turned out to be an effective and versatile method to be used alongside traditional headhunting.
  • The hybrid search is a public campaign in which the set of candidates acquired through job advertisements is strengthened and diversified with small-scale, carefully defined headhunting.
  • The hybrid search is not suited for high-profile recruitment where it’s unlikely to find suitable candidates through public advertising.


  • Strengthens the customer’s image and shows that the customer considers recruitment important.
  • If desired, provides good candidates from outside the most obvious target groups, for example, from other industries.

Executive Search is part of StaffPoint's Executive Service portfolio. Visit StaffPoint Executive's website and learn more!